What a great way to celebrate Black History Month by celebrating black creatives in all their glory. The Black in fashion council is collaborating with fan favorite online vintage shop, Depop, with a new interactive video series. 

The Black in Fashion Council and Depop strongly believe in paving the way and expanding inclusivity within fashion. In the past year, the fashion industry (alongside many others) has received backlash for its lack of diversity. A featured series of interview videos done by black designers, directors, editors, etc., will discuss how they found their way to the top and their view of the fashion industry’s efforts to change. The series serves to inspire and inform black creatives around the world on industry resources, and creative ways to promote their talent.

This new partnership  kicked off today, Tuesday, Feb 16, with the co-founder of Black in Fashion Council and Editor-in-Cheif of Teen Vogue, Lindsay Peoples Wagner, and womenswear designer LaQuan Smith. The duo joined together for an interactive Q&A style interview about their perspectives on fashion. Both can agree that culture is how they absorbed fashion and are eager to highlight why it is so vital that companies incorporate inclusivity in their daily workforce strategies. As shown in the video, they offer their take on what the future may hold for fashion with our society’s ongoing changes and new normal. Check out the series below and follow this series for your heafty dose of fashion.


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