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  • Anyone up for a road trip? 🚘 Suede jacket optional (but highly recommended). #MRPORTERontheroad.
Jacket by @prada, polo by @tomford, trousers by @alexandermcqueen.
  • A few long weekend grooming essentials 🛁 #MRPORTERathome
  • Our bags are packed and we’re ready to go. Where are you heading for the extra-long weekend? #MRPORTERontheroad #BankHoliday #MemorialDayWeekend 
Sneakers by @converse, bag by @nonnative, shorts @acnestudios.
  • What‘s new in this week‘s #MRPORTER Journal? Mr @vancityreynolds shares what keeps him up at night (as well as giving us a sense of what it really means to be a superhero). Plus, how to wear shorts well and your new summer playlist (curated by the pair behind the #StrangerThings OST). To read more, head to our stories or click the link in bio. now.