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Red Carpet Recap: Black Girls Rock! 2017

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In fashion, the red carpet is the main event. This was no different in a room filled with brown faces, natural hair, eccentric styles and black girls who have certainly been rocking out in 2017! Over a decade ago, Founder and CEO of BLACK GIRLS ROCK! inc., Beverly Bond had a vision to create an organization and award show that celebrated the essence of greatness possessed by women of color…


Power Suit: Revamping Women’s Dress Code

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Are women’s fashion styles changing? Are they heading towards a more androgynous look? Bomber jackets and blazers paired with boyfriend jeans became a norm in 2016. Many centuries ago, you wouldn’t dare see a woman in jeans, or even pants for that matter. During the early 20th century (1920s and 1930s to be exact) is when women start wearing trousers leisurely. That is, when completing their housewife duties out in…