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Gucci’s Got Soul

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Back in January, on Instagram Gucci released mini video clips of casting and audition tapes as a teaser for its new campaign.  The video featured all African American men and women answering questions such as “What does it mean to have soul?” and “What’s your spirit animal?” Keeping it on the hush until the official release left consumers and social media stalkers alike confused and wonder what exactly is the brand…

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Fists Up Afros Out: A Cause Behind the Label [Feature]

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“As long as you’re educated on what you’re wearing, I don’t see why there should be any beef as to why you’re wearing it….I really want people to understand that it’s not just a clothing line; I really want it to be a movement….” -Hazel Dennis   When you mix fashion and philanthropy, what do you get?– A formula that was created by mistake, but gaining it’s way to a…


Khole Kardashian Introduces Her New Denim Line, Good American. Do We Love It?

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Khloe Kardashian is taking a stance against the fashion industry. She’s making real denim for real women! Can Khloe’s new denim line with Good American compete with the #winning denim brands of today? Let’s take a look at some denim history: 1. Levis – The original. The blueprint. The top dog, and inventor of the blue jean. Originally designed to be men’s s work pants, the name eventually became waist…



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In case you just happen to live under a rock, you must understand the severity of this announcement. AFROPUNK, “the most multicultural festival in the U.S.,” according to the New York Times, will be returning to Brooklyn this weekend (August 22-23) for plenty of good vibes, good music and great people. Located in Commodore Park (aka City Park) AFROPUNK has consolidated quite the entertainment line up that is arguably not…


Weekend Winner: Straight Out of Compton

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Nothing like a stroll through memory lane to put a smile on your face. NWA fans old and young stormed the movie theaters this past weekend to catch ‘Straight Outta Compton,’ making it a number one box seller. It was a biopic with intentions to deliver the moving story of a group of rap artists who paved the way for many hip hop talents we crave today. Group members consisted…


#shittyfacttuesday: An Introduction to Slow Fashion

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Just when you thought you knew the in’s and out’s of the fashion industry, in walks Zady. You may recall our brief interview this past April as we spoke with one of the co-founders of Zady, Maxine Bédat and participated in the Fashion Revolution campaign through social media and the hashtag #whomademyclothes. In an effort to raise awareness about the harmful affects of the fashion industry, and expose the low-quality of products…