Nope, you aren’t having deja vu! Yes, two months ago we gave you the deets on the luxury vintage brand High Fashion Thrift in our special section we like to call ‘Vintage Visits.’ This time we actually showed up to the place to do an exclusive collaboration shoot and interview with Founder, Brownie Brown and COO Brenda Brown who also happen to be sisters.

One bright Saturday Morning, the Modern Stitches crew showed up to their official studio in Herndon, VA where their official studio and amazing style closet resides. An all white oasis that would be considered a thrifters dream. Shoes from all decades dawned the shelves along with delicately hung beaded dresses draped each rack. After a few hours of piecing items, setting up lightings and “retrofying” our three models, we agreed on our perfection and delighted with our work.

It’s a no brainer that once you get vintage obsessed fashionistas in a room that magic is bound to happen. We began our shoot and shortly thereafter I sat with the young ladies face to face to dive further into their journey. We even had the models make an appearance as we were too thrilled with our results.

Enough with the chatter, check out our flawless editorials below along with the official interview. Comment below your thoughts!


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