New York Fashion week is Disney Land to all fashion lovers and enthusiasts across the globe. We’re the onlookers at the parade with our jaws scraping the ground as exclusive new unreleased garments, accessories and designs are released right before our eyes.

This season we’re along for the ride as an official partner during the Nolcha Runway Shows and we couldn’t be more elated! If you are unfamiliar, Nolcha Shows has spent the last nine years as a leading award winning event during NYFW. They have provided an avenue for independent fashion designers to showcase their garments to credible retailers, press, stylists and industry professionals globally and this season is no different. In fact, as a treat, we’re skipping the extended summary and giving you five juicy details on four fresh faced designers set to hit the runway for NYFW ‘SS18.



Image Credit: Nolcha Shows

Neubyrne by Martha Gibbs

-Martha was originally an English major with a minor in French. Seeing that college in Paris influenced her in fashion rather than language studies, the young scholar decided to pursue a fashion line instead.

-In 2013 a fatal car crash almost ended fashion journey before it started, but after doing a full recovery she decided to rededicate herself to her passion for passion after second chance at life

-A visit to Vietnam inspired this seasons collection. The curiosity of the unknown and exploration. – That’s Neubryne

-Martha is based in Richmond, VA and NYC

-Her collection can be found on and various pop up shops across the nation

Yurita Puji BrandImage Credit: Nolcha Shows


Yurita Puji

-Yurita Puji Agustiani was born in Bandung, Indonesia and currently holds degrees in Computer Science, Gas Management, and attended design school as well.

-In efforts to keep her materials eco-friendly, she is working alongside two Indonesian organizations to ensure natural dye and natural resources are used while weaving her fashion products.

-Yurita is based in Indonesia

-She prides herself on keeping her products ethnic yet elegant.

-She is looking forward to expanding her brand and partnering with Gallery of Indonesia by the end of the year. Until then, check out her designs at


Image Credit: Nolcha Shows

Sholdit by Angela Lee Diaz

-She is the #1 go-to brand for function, fashion and freedom. In other words, Sholdit provides accessories for the woman on the go. Scarves with hidden pockets and other neat products to help our day run smoother.

-Angela started with just a $20 sewing machine, a dream and no industry connections. Now Shes been featured on Good Morning America, The TODAY Show and Forbes.

-This season she intends to provide something unique that can fit into everyones wardrobe.

-While based in Omaha, NE Sholdit can seen boutiques and high end department stores. Also check it out on


Image Credit: Nolcha Shows

Cheryl Eve Acosta Scultural Jewelry & Tattuage Jewelry 

-Cheryl received her MFA in jewelry &  Metals from the Rhode Island School of Design. Her fine art jewelry has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including shows in Seoul, Florence and Munich and collected by public figures including former Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright

-Cheryl Eve Acosta has been a brand in development since 2012. TATTUAGE (her sister brand) jewelry was developed in 2008 and was official launched in 2016 at KCFW.

-This seasons collection is inspired by “the cycle of life” element highlighting elements of birth, growth and fossilization of marine fauna.

-She is based in the Art District of Kansas city, MO surrounded by a growing community of diverse art and entertainment

-Cheryl Eve Acosta’s handmade pieces are created with a variety of metals including gold, silver, copper and enameled glass. This season, she features jewelry made of solif brass and includes an adhesive and remover with each set. To learn more, check out

Nolcha Shows will present all of these designers and more at their NYFW runway shows, September 8th. For further details and to follow the movement, follow Nolcha Shows on Instagram @nolchashows and log onto


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