In fashion, the red carpet is the main event. This was no different in a room filled with brown faces, natural hair, eccentric styles and black girls who have certainly been rocking out in 2017! Over a decade ago, Founder and CEO of BLACK GIRLS ROCK! inc., Beverly Bond had a vision to create an organization and award show that celebrated the essence of greatness possessed by women of color that are overlooked but killing the game in television, music/entertainment and philanthropy. She even offers youth enrichment and mentorship through her summer program, BLACK GIRLS LEAD for teens 12 to 17 years old to cover all bases.

This passed weekend at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark, New Jersey we were honored to share the red carpet with some of the most amazing black women (and men) who were being honored this year and attending the main event, but we couldn’t leave the venue without capturing some of our favorite looks for the night. Below check out our faves in their finest threads.

Screenshot 2017-08-09 10.25.26Screenshot 2017-08-09 10.24.24 Screenshot 2017-08-09 10.23.35 Screenshot 2017-08-09 10.22.15 Screenshot 2017-08-09 10.21.10Screenshot 2017-08-09 10.19.07 Screenshot 2017-08-09 10.15.49 Screenshot 2017-08-09 10.13.27 Screenshot 2017-08-09 10.10.31Screenshot 2017-08-09 10.01.21 Screenshot 2017-08-09 09.58.28 Screenshot 2017-08-09 09.57.14 Screenshot 2017-08-09 09.55.16 Screenshot 2017-08-09 09.54.08 Screenshot 2017-08-09 09.52.21 Screenshot 2017-08-09 09.49.44 Screenshot 2017-08-09 09.47.34Screenshot 2017-08-09 09.45.45 Screenshot 2017-08-09 09.44.19 Screenshot 2017-08-09 09.42.01 Screenshot 2017-08-09 09.40.10 Screenshot 2017-08-09 09.38.27Screenshot 2017-08-09 09.36.45 Screenshot 2017-08-09 09.32.52

BLACK GIRLS ROCK! 2017 is scheduled to air Tuesday, August 22nd at 8pm on BET. Empire star, Taraji P. Henson will be hosting and this is an event you don’t want to miss. In the mean time check out for additional details on the show, founder, the organization and how you can contribute!



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