From Shanghai Fashion Week to New York Fashion Week, Yang Lu is a force to be reckoned with this season. With love as the main ingredient, his designs are saturated with bold colors, structure, and expression. His Lu Yang collection is constructed with minimalistic values but enough to catch the eye of the modern girl. We’re ready to “Fall in Love” with his garments this NYFW season, but until the main event, check out our exclusive interview with Yang Lu below.


Lu-Yang-headshot LUYANG 5Image Credit: Nolcha Shows


MS: While attending school for fashion, what was your goal upon completion? Has that goal since changed?

YL: When I was in school, I always dreamed of having a brand of my own, and I would drop out of my designs every season. I’ve never changed that idea until now.

MS: You pride yourself on minimalism in your design structure, how do you create the balance between keeping styles simplistic yet vibrant and artistic?


YL: First of all, I like it very much minimalism. I’m a minimalist and I always find the appropriate design and the garments of good habits. I often use bright colors to express a kind of new life energy. This energy is to the heart, not to exist [on] the surface, but to be very careful to balance the relationship between each one. However, the use of bold colors and structure to express the vigor is yearning the expression between more and more and less is less. 

MS: Modern Stitches magazine has a mission to infuse vintage trends with current styles, what previous fashion trends have you incorporated in your designs where you may have paid homage to previous decades?

YL: Well, I often read fashion magazines and chat about the way people live in modern clothes, thus drawing inspiration, design ideas, and design emotions. For me, the design is a kind of thinking and judgment by thinking about the process of finding my own aesthetic values and my plan to maximize it to show their understanding and respect to the design.

MS: For many years, New York Fashion Week has been the center of all fashion twice per year, what does it mean for LU YANG to work alongside Nolcha Shows this season?

YL: In fact I am in a second New York fashion week show, also [this] is the second time [myself] and Nolcha Shows are in cooperation. I feel very happy and I hope to let more people get to know me and my work. We have more cooperation space to mining, also [I want to] thank Nolcha Shows for [their] support. Hopefully we can continue our cooperation in the coming year.

MS: What can we look forward to from your brand in the coming year(s)? Where can followers find you?

YL: First of all, I will do a show at New York fashion week, the second is my quarterly works are in continuous improvement and progress. I hope more and more people can understand me and my work and I hope I can open in the United States and more americans can enjoy my work and brand. My followers can find me on Instagram at any time: @Luyangbyyanglu and my mailbox|MS

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