Move over New York Fashion Week runway shows! Creator of AVNU and the Black Vogue movement  Nareasha Willis is the new sheriff in town, and she’s here to do it ‘For the Culture.’ Smack dab in the middle of fashion week, far off from Spring Studios, a celebration and social justice movement that highlights black movers and shakers took place at the Delancey in Brooklyn. And you know MS was there to witness the entire thing!

Nareasha Willis gathered the black community of influencers and entrepreneurs for a day of style exposure, networking, and overall great vibes. You may be familiar with names such as the iconic April Walker, Sapphira Emmanuelle from Black Girl Podcast and even Ny. The fashionable mommy blogger making a statement for mothers toting tots. They were all joined in a sea of brown faces in support of a social justice movement that was created to bring equity into the fashion world according to the Black Vogue Instagram page.

The ‘For the Culture’ day party was an event like no other and the crowd of fashion forward guests would agree.

Currently, “The Black Vogue Movement”  is fighting a legal battle against Conde’ Nast (Vogue) for using the word “Black” to describe it. Vogue claims the word “Black” is tarnishing their brand. Nareasha quotes, “This is not only a celebration of our presence and influence in fashion, but a moment for us to unify against racism and cultural appropriation in the industry.”


To learn more about AVNU, The Black Vogue Movement, and Nareasha’s story, be sure to follow them on Instagram and to shop her brand AVNU. Until then, check out some images from the event below!


Photo Credit: All images by M. Fields Photography 

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