By: Ariel Wodarcyk

If you combined the brash, colorful style of a Powerpuff girl, with a 90’s grunge heroine, and a dreamy 1920’s ingenue with a predilection for all things space-inspired, you’d find yourself with something resembling last night’s EDGII show. Despite its vintage references, the show was youthful and exuberant, with pulsing beats playing while models appeared and disappeared from behind a millennial pink background. Models rocked parkas and swetashirts with glittery star-and-moon symbols on the back, dainty star-spangled dresses and windbreakers, and free-flowing acid-wash jeans. Deeper saturations of the summer’s slime green trend abounded, often in either very tight or dramatically flared out silhouettes. Tulips sprouted on models’ tights and bloomed on bodycon dresses. Knee-high stockings offered little modesty when paired with slinky bodysuits, though the anoraks did offer some protection from the elements.


The furs, which EDGII is most known for, were divine. White furs printed with red-hot hearts and inky black furs starred in neon green breathed fresh life into what could have been an outdated textile. 





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