We no longer believe in fairy tales, but unanimously Pinterest.com comes close. Sometimes the average visitor of this site could easily get caught up in a whirlwind of crock pot recipes, home decor and even clever ways to restock holiday ornaments like a bad-ass, but leave it to us, running into vintage DIY is the holy grail.  Turbans, Tye-dye and ripped jeans are proven styles sampled by celebrities on a daily basis, but what’s better than paying half the price and literally transforming into a designer over night? Your outer appearance gives a preview to your inner personality. It’s speaks on your behalf, so whats its going to be first?

Lets begin with Tye-dye!

diy vintageGrab the shirt of choice, some paint (or bleach) and discover a new look instantly. Click here for instructions.

Flapper Frenzy

flapper skirtFeeling a like 1950’s-ish….Add a few feathers to give it a similar flapper style look, here.

Turban Tricks

diy turbanNo glue, no sewing, no problem. Make this fabulous turban turn heads, here.

The Broach necklace

diy broach

Broaches are no longer for your grandmothers shirt, make it a necklace, here.


All of these and more on Pinterest.com



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