Stitchers, the end of the year is approaching and while we’ve sorted through tons of trends in 2019, here’s five you should try before the clock strikes 2020!

Leather Me From Head To Toe:
Whether its genuine or Faux, leather will be forever deemed a closet staple. Instead of sticking to the classic black pant, aim for fiery red, brown, or white leather for a more fashion forward look. 

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Utility Dressing with Chic Twist:
Remember the neighborhood mechanic? Well we’re borrow his look! (Minus the oil stains) Utility chic is what we want! If you’re the girl who likes comfort and cool styling trends, you must find your closest thrift store and pick up few utility jumpsuits. This trend is the true definition of one-step dressing. Add a belt for a little spice!

Photo By: Edwards Berthelot/ Getty Images


Photo By: Daniel Zuchnik/ Getty Images

Handle Me:
Along with diamonds, it’s safe to say bags are also a woman’s best friend. We carry everything in our purses and instead of carrying heavy tote bags that weigh you down, try a top handle bag. Small in size, structured, and gives you polished look! 


Bag By: Kate Spade

Emerging Suiting:
No matter what type of suiting you spot it was, and still is a major styling trend! Relaxing suiting can def feel freshest with loose layers and softer silhouettes. Don’t be too surprise when you see short and skirt suiting options! #Cluelessvibes 

Photo by: Getty Image
Photo By: Stylestalker, IG: @stylestalker

Jungle Fever:
Now, before you say anything – Yes, we were rumbling in the jungle with animal print last year. But this year we’re doing it again with a twist! We’re going big with python and leopard layered over floral prints. Try the playful prints on dresses, feminine blouses, sling backs, and pumps before the year is out!

Photo By: Net-A-Porter
Photo By: Pintrest

Well Stitchers are hope you were able to create a few looks based on this 2019 style guide. Tell us what trends and vintage vibes you were serving this year in the comments below!


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