While Justin Timberlake is bringing sexy back, Founder and Designer Christina Howell of Curvy Fox is bringing confidence back! And this time, it’s strictly for our plus sized posse!

The “Thinness does not equal beauty” collection showed up with vibrant one and two piece swimsuits that graced the runway with tropical and refreshing vibes. Keeping up with the rainforest theme, some geometrical off the shoulder/skirt combo creations kept the audience in awe as well.

Once the runway show was completed, guests headed to the Curvy Confidence Bar for a social experience where they were able to chat one-on-one with Christina and stylish attendees alike. To set the atmosphere: Confidently curvy attendees danced and networked their way around the room while enjoying refreshing spirits, tasty refreshments, and a djay that moved the room immediately.

During the Confidence bar, Ashley Scarboro, Founder and Publisher of Modern Stitches sat down with the Texas native on behalf of of MS and WOE Magazine to chat over cocktails about the Curvy Fox mission and what made her brand special. We learned that all items are made to order, you don’t have to be a size 6 to feel sexy in a bathing suit, and solids are boring! Always add a little color and print!

This was all made possible by the most amazing sponsors –  CURLS, Noughty Haircare, 21Squared, Susan & Me, Aja Naturals, Urban Skin Rx, Defy & Inspire. If you didn’t receive a gift back with these samples you missed a treat! Check out some images below from the runway.

Photo Credit: Nikki G. Productions

Check out our exclusive interview during the Confidence Bar below! To learn more, check out Curvyfox.com



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