Namilia designers, Nan Li and Emilia Pohl displayed a powerful visualization of the extreme power of teenage fandom and turning boys into sexual playthings. Namilia’s NYFW runway manifesto took place at The Skylight Clarkson Square in New York, NY. Of course, the best seat in the house was definitely front row for this season’s collection. Not only were our souls truly snatched, but some of us were willing to mail the designers our edges!!

Namilia also had us on the edge of our seats with modern vintages vibes such as: grunge, distressed denim, biker chains, oversized flare pants, and the classical Pleaser stripper heels. The runway manifesto also presented a plethora of robust messages such as: reversing patriarchal society’s concept of female sexualization and objectification, a celebration of the deviant and the freakish; interpreting the rebellious and sexual codes of punks and goths, and ever-powerful statement, “Take Down Trump.”

If you’ve missed Namibia’s SS17 Runway Manifesto, no need to fear!
Namilia SS17, “You’re Just a Toy”


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