Admit it, no one is prancing around in their finest threads on a rainy day. No matter how many cups of joe it takes to boost our energy, expresso is no match for the the daily forecast. In fact, even the weather takes a backseat to our clothing selection when considering our specific personality traits.

Although some of us could really appreciate big hair, disco ball jumpsuits and neon heels to seal the deal, those who have a more introvert personality would most likely shoot for a conservative 50’s knee-length skirt instead. Thank goodness fashion repeating itself roughly every twenty years, so we have plenty of decades to chose from that match our inner fashion goddess.


This time frame can serve as a wide array of fashion ideals, but those who keep it classic, clean and cautious tend to select fashion pieces of this time frame. During these decades, individuals kept it neutral with tweed trousers, plenty of brown, black and white to go around. We all have that one friend who forbids standing out in the crowd and wouldn’t dare let their selection make a statement belongs in one (or maybe) all of these decades. Full button up shirts to the neck and lose fitting bottom wearing fans certainly will find a safe haven in these yesteryears.



Party girls unite! Its safe to say that these decades form a whimsical of florescent colors, symbols and statement pieces. You know that friend who you can have tag along at any party because they literally compliment every person in the room? These are her decades to shine. Groovy peace signs to metallic dresses to over sized baseball jerseys, this chick is a ball of fun and theres no fashion item you cannot find in her closet.



The modern girl. This chick knows how to keep up with the Joneses and does so without apology. Whether is the newest Gucci bag or down to the latest hair accessory, the personality of todays “it” girl is a force to be reckoned with and she has the style to prove it. Can be an introvert and extrovert in the same breath, but fashion is what she knows and it it what she flaunts.


Which decade do you belong in? Whats your favorite?

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