Just when you thought you knew the in’s and out’s of the fashion industry, in walks Zady.

You may recall our brief interview this past April as we spoke with one of the co-founders of Zady, Maxine Bédat and participated in the Fashion Revolution campaign through social media and the hashtag #whomademyclothes. In an effort to raise awareness about the harmful affects of the fashion industry, and expose the low-quality of products purchased by every day consumers, Zady, a clothing brand that creates longer lasting and higher quality products, is here to redirect the system and educate the world on their fashion forward initiative.

Being that Modern Stitches is a firm believer in eco-friendly and recycled fashion, it was our pleasure to team up with the awesome members of Zady in support of their new social media hashtag #shittyfacttuesday. Of course, it screams negativity at first glance, but a true fashionista would inquire its premise. With over fourteen thousand followers on instagram, this brand promotes transparency and is dedicated to revealing the source of how our clothes are made.  The new hashtag will stand as a weekly social media campaign to provide solid facts about the industry designed to keep you (the consumer) shopping for products that are harmful. After reading the hard facts about production and deadly chemicals involved in our ever changing fashion realm, it was a no brainer that we would jump on the bandwagon to lend a hand.

As fashion enthusiasts, you can look for this collaboration, each Tuesday on instagram under #shittyfacttuesday, @zady and @modernstitches. Fashion is for everyone, why not wear what you know by who you know?

To learn more about the Zady movement, its cause, to make a quality purchase, please visit their website and also tell us what you think below!



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