In honor of our favorite day of the year “International Women’s day,” we want to honor some amazing women of color trailblazing through the fashion industry. These women have encountered the ups and downs in fashion who have proven to conquer them with ease. Women of many talents from writers, designers , editors , models , activist, entrepreneurs, and influencers. How they walk empower women to believe in themselves and abilities for nothing is impossible.


Lindsay Peoples-Wagner

The youngest Editor-in-Chief of any Condé Nast magazine for Teen Vogue. She will soon transition onto publication The Cut as new Editor-in-Chief. Not only is she an amazing editor for top publications but she is also co-founder of Black in Fashion Council that is used to voice inclusivity in the fashion industry.









Ruth E. Carter

Costume designer for major films and television where she has worked on over 40 productions. Famously known for her worked on the Marvel movie Black Panther where she became the first African American women to win the Oscar for Costume Design.









The ultimate trio singer, actress, and businesswomen. She has shown the world her fashion success with SavagexFenty line and continues to work.






Robin Givhan

Fashion Editor & Critic for the Washington Post. Her writing informs fashion followers around the globe of the industry. She is also a recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for her excellent piece The Battle of Versailles.





Julie Sariñana

Self-made fashion blogger, creative director, and business owner of Sincerely Jules. She encourages her followers to dream, believe, and achieve for that is the motto she lives up too.








Chriselle Lim

Stylist, digital influencer, and multi business-owner. She hopes to empower women across the globe through her own experiences in the fashion industry.



Ayesha Barenblat

An activist working with brands, manufacturers, retailers, and governments help women who make our clothes. She works tirelessly to promote sustainability and ethnical production of garments.








Jari Jones

Trans model and social activist. She is a natural creative that influences others to be their authentic selves.






Diipa Büller-Khosla


Fashion blogger and activist for social change. Founder of #Post for Change, she promotes using our platforms to discuss social  issues  specifically about women that are happening globally.






Rei Kawakubo

Fashion designer and founder of Japanese fashion label Comme des Garçons. Her unique camp style has paved her way to be one the biggest brands in fashion that is also featured in Haute Couture.








What women in fashion inspires you on this iconic day?

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