“When I was in school, I was really inspired by the way some of the people put themselves together in a creative environment.”

After our in-depth vintage visit on thriftedandmodern.com we would be remiss if we didn’t have a sit-down with its founder, Lindsay Burchby. Since 2009 the art major hit the ground running with her vision after posting a few items for extra cash on Ebay.com and not being so satisfied with “just a store” thus began the launch of her own website. “I was really into fashion, and I had always gone to thrift stores, worn vintage or very into designer clothing as well,” stated the owner during our exclusive interview.

It is obvious that the fashion lover loves to infuse her love for art with a fondness for design and visual fashion. “I used to paint and I was really interested in the idea of the synthesis of things that didn’t necessarily go together. So, picking a piece…maybe it was not necessarily a collage, but a cartoon and then mixing that with something thats realistic,” she says when recalling her design experience.

Browsing the website, Lindsay (who organizes her own photo shoots) has a clear out-of-the box style when directing the models and organizing the appropriate lighting for the photo. She attributes a lot to her photography background to her eccentric pieces. “Because I am able to look at a photo of a model and be like, why does this photo tell me these things? Well there’s this negative space, then way the lighting is, [also].” “It is really important to me to make everything cohesive so that the lighting, wardrobe,styling and the model, from a brand perspective, that everything fits.”

Lindsay on her own style:
“Well honestly, I’ve worked so much that I just try to wear a lot of black. A lot of jeans and t-shirts. [The Studio] It’s like you walk by and there’s a sequin or a bead and we’re covered in everything. I live in Nevada now, so there’s not a lot of places to go to dress up. So, I’m very minimalist.

Vintage plays a huge factor in the style and design of Thrifted and Modern. As the creator, the collaboration of vintage and current high fashion leap right out of each photo taken on the site. So, we had to ask, Which styles from the past were Lindsay’s favorite? She responded, “I think I really love very well constructed and tailored couture clothing. Even a skirt suit. There’s something so flattering about the way that they used to put things together.” Although her hands grace tons of thrifted treasures there’s always that one memorable piece that unforgettable, for Lindsay, its her Lisa Meryl dress! “The dress is entirely made out of these black and white hand-cut rings, that had been meticulously hand-stitches on the dress. It was from the 60’s or 70’s. I sold that, [but] it was amazing!”

On social media, Thrifted and Modern has gained the liking of over 13 thousand followers. Understandably, the owner has been diligent in her work for over six years. We wanted to know, what advice she could offer to new business owners and fellow vintage lovers? “Starting a business from scratch and bootstrapping it, its just so touch in so many ways. You really have to work so hard.” The founder proceeded in detail, “If you love it, then go for it. Try not to figure out every single thing and make every single thing perfect at the beginning. It’s not going to be perfect the first time around. It took me a long time to get to where I could even look at my own photos. The repetition of doing something thousands and thousands of times, eventually, you refine it and learn to do it the way you want it.”

On the website there are options to purchase vintage items, look through her Polaroid look book, new arrivals and plenty of other items to add to the shopping experience. As a long-time fan of the site, we were eager to find out what’s next or any future goals. “In the future, I would be really interested in mentoring other women business owners and helping people that have a vision and have really good work ethic. I’ve been so lucky in a lot of ways and I would wish that opportunity on anybody who wants it.”

That said, you can shop freely on Thriftedandmodern.com and even contact Lindsay for any other vintage shopping needs. There is a long promising tunnel awaiting this designer and we cannot wait to see how far it goes!

Check out below some of our favorites from the site. Which are your faves?














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