As if thrift shopping couldn’t reign supreme as the best experience ever, wait till it happens online. Thats right, we’re just as grateful for the old click and buy as the next guy.

This time around for our vintage visit, we didn’t even have to leave home to grab some fabulous finds. Thrifted and Modern is an online vintage retailer located in San Francisco, California and Reno, Nevada. As in most cases, its founder began with selling vintage pieces from their own personal closet but then in turn forming a gratifying celebrity client list as a result. Found on, each visitor will have an option to purchase “unique hand selected vintage pieces the most fashion forward clothing on the planet,” according to the site.

As frequent visitors of this site, it is our belief that any thrift lover would be crazy not to find at least one item on this boutique’s site that they didn’t fall in love with at first glance. Be advised, you may have to dig a little deeper in your pockets, but you can’t put a price on quality, right?

Check out thrifted and modern and tell us what you think!

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