Modern Stitches Magazine Presents The Vintage Rebellion Issue Vol. 1

Welcome to the very first print issue of Modern Stitches Magazine. For over three years we have become the go-to digital magazine for streetwear vintage, how-to pieces, and fashion news, but for the first time, we’re jumping off the screen into physical pages in your hands. (Crazy right?!) In this inaugural publication, readers can expect 32 pages of fresh content that cover vintage fashion, crisp photography and an inspirational feature from Sole Zalba, owner of We Had to Vintage boutique. It is entitled Vintage Rebellion to influence classic fashion lovers to color outside the lines and provide a new platform for vintage overall. In addition to the feature, there are a few exclusive special edition spreads from our convenience store shoot, mixed print shoot and of course the well-crafted cover shoot. It was important that we offered this print-on-demand issue for those of us who love the feel of flipping page after page of irreplaceable content and images. Also, we chose an eco-friendly option where you may print as many copies on-demand as you would like to save energy and paper.

For our tech-savvy readers, we have included a customized Modern Stitches QR reader scan code that allows you to conveniently subscribe to our newsletter and magazine by simply using your QR  Reader app on your mobile device!

Get it in print or download a PDF to your desktop! Simply click the cart above the virtual copy to own yours today!

Modern Stitches Magazine Presents The Black Out 2018 Issue Vol. 2

New Year, fresh ink! Who knew that five years ago we would still have so much vintage to cover? Modern Stitches was just a blog and now we’re releasing our second magazine print copy! This issue is called The Black Out 2018 issue because everything is in black and white. It’s simplistic in its own right, but we’ve created a 28-page piece of glory with statement images that jump right off the page. This time we were able to incorporate an awesome musical feature by recording artist, Reesa Renee. This is huge! We’ve had countless celebrity interviews on our digital site, but she’s our first to grace our print pages! A lot of our readers and followers have been waiting patiently for new and fresh MS apparel and we’ve incorporated our berets in our layout for a visual aid and to mirror a style that you can purchase right here on our website! The Modern Stitches team really took their time to create relatable content for this issue and just as we did with our first issue, we allow you, the consumer, the option for print-on-demand by simply clicking the magazine cover then the cart above the copy. Thank you for your continued support and follow us @modernstitches for all new updates! #blackout2018