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Back in January, on Instagram Gucci released mini video clips of casting and audition tapes as a teaser for its new campaign.  The video featured all African American men and women answering questions such as “What does it mean to have soul?” and “What’s your spirit animal?” Keeping it on the hush until the official release left consumers and social media stalkers alike confused and wonder what exactly is the brand up to?

Three months later, we received an answer. On April 13, Gucci released the photos for their Pre-Fall 2017 Collection. Titled “Soul Scene”, the photoshoot served as a remembrance to England’s underground Northern Soul movement during the 1960s, and black dancehall photographer Malick Sidibé. Shot by Glen Luchford, black models Nicole Atieno, Elibeidy, Bakay Diaby and Keiron Berton Caynes were featured, accompanied by 25 black dancers, even with a sepia effect to purely capture the vintage 1960s/1070s photo feel.

This campaign is a movement in the fashion industry. Last year, the fashion industry as a whole received much flack for lack of diversity.  Many creative directors, ad casting directors described diversity in fashion and modeling in terms of walk, attitude, and body type — not skin tone or racial background. To make up for in lack, in February Gucci took a pledge to become more inclusive, and more diverse with its models.

The photoshoot exudes joy, happiness, and overall love for culture. The fashions combine classic icons of black power movements such as afros, platform shoes, and bellbottom pants with a modern day feel of sequins, confidence, and sass.

Will this campaign add be the end all to the diversity chatter in the fashion world? Has Gucci set a trend? While we ponder over these questions, we’ll scroll through their website gawking over the irresistible designs that we just cannot wait to drop!








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