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April 2017


Long Live the Jelly Sandal

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You were definitely the coolest girl at the park, playground, in school, or at the beach if you were rocking a pair of jelly shoes or sandals. The slippery yet firm plastic shoe — which came in an array of colors, and sometimes even glitter — were the epitome of foot fashion in the 1990s and early 2000s. One of our fave fashion icons Rihanna has just brought back this…


Gucci’s Got Soul

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Back in January, on Instagram¬†Gucci released mini video clips of casting and audition tapes as a teaser for its new campaign. ¬†The video featured all African American men and women answering questions such as “What does it mean to have soul?” and “What’s your spirit animal?” Keeping it on the hush until the official release left consumers and social media stalkers alike confused and wonder what exactly is the brand…