What’s the Color of Your Sole?

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“It’s engaging, flirtatious, memorable, and the color of passion.” – Christian Louboutin. This quote, describing the infamous red bottomed sole of Louboutin stiletto heels, can arguably go down as one of the best quotes in fashion history. Louboutin shoes are not shy of using color. In fact, color is what inspired the latest design of the newest shoes.

“I’ve drawn their shoes in the past, so they found me on Instagram—like everyone does…I was like, ‘Thanks for the opportunity, but if you’re going to be using my art, this is the scale it’s going to be at, and this is how it’s going to happen. I channeled my inner Beyoncé because I knew I had to be a bad bitch about making sure my art gets seen the way it needs to be seen. And I was lucky, because they’d come to my art show in New York, and they knew, when it comes to art, I don’t play.” says CJ Hendry, the newest designer of the colorful Christian Louboutin shoes, dubbed ‘crayon shoes’.

This crazy colorful collection of shoes are made completely out of wax. With a true-to-fit design, Hendry made sure her visions cam to life, and were just as vibrant as her idea. It’s literally walking art, as anyone who wears the shoes can make a color entrance into any room. Hendry says to Elle that she wants every one to bring out their inner artistic kid; take a shoe, and run to the nearest wall to design.


According to Christian Louboutin’s official website, the shoes were displayed March 21st at the Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery, Fringe Club in Hong Kong, and features a departure in style with conceptual renderings of thick oil paint in a spectrum of complimentary colours. The 50 piece series will highlight the color red, with obvious synergy and homage to the iconic Christian Louboutin soles.


Louboutin’s have been around since the 1990s, and instantly became iconic for the red sole. The shoe had a slow beginning, selling only 200 pairs in its first year due to lack of business. However, while working on a shoe modeled after Andy Warhol’s “Flower” series, Louboutin had an idea. He decided the black sole was boring, and decided to ‘give life’ to the shoe inspired by the colors of the paintings, and the vivacious red of his assistant’s nail polish. With the nail polish, he painted the bottom of a shoe, and the infamous red bottom sole was born. Now, almost every star can be seen on the red carpet, the bustling streets in the Big Apple, or in the sunshine on the Walk of Fame. Check out more history of the Louboutin here.


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