Designer Mia Vesper Accidentally falls in to Vintage and Makes Thousands

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As each decade progresses, clothes and styles become vintage. It’s hard to imagine clothes you bought will be considered ‘old’ 20 years from now. But, true vintage and fashion lovers know the meaning behind the word vintage, its significance, and ability to come back to life as something new.

Mia Vesper, an up and coming brand has taken the meaning of vintage and upcycling to the next level. The line consist of upcycled motorcycle jackets and bolero made from vintage tapestries mixed with leather.

Designer Mia Humber started her business almost accidentally. After getting her shoe repaired one too many times, she became friends with the owner, who began to show her how to make shoes. From there, she began to indulge herself in her own designs, making jackets. One by one, her friends, then New Yorkers, began to notice her enticing outfit, and the demand came rolling in. “I just wanted to wear what I was making at first, but once I put it on Instagram, people started asking me where they could buy it,” she tells Vogue. She is aiming to expand her designs to jackets and basketball shorts.

Humber uses eclectic and exciting tapestries to create bold and unique designs that will certainly make you stop in your tracks. All of her designs are hand made right in New York, but vintage tapestries are collected from all over the world. Her prices range from $1600 to $3000 depending on style, and detail.


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Where will  Mia Vesper go next? Hopefully, as a household name in vintage fashion.

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