Worth the buy: Does cutting vintage devalue the item?

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noun | vin·tage | \ˈvin-tij\

According to Merriam-Webster, vintage is (a) a period of origin or manufacture and (b) : length of existence. While vintage can refer to numerous unique and antique things, vintage has a special place in the world of fashion.

We all know pricing that suede piece from the 70s, or your mom’s mom jeans from the 90s, can be expensive, but are vintage items really worth the thousands of dollars clothing companies are selling them for?

On Tuesday, Racked published a video to their official Facebook account titled $1,400 Jeans Exist — And People Are Buying Them, detailing the through-the-roof cost people are selling vintage items at. We can thank Vetements, a French-based fashion company that restructured vintage streetwear (distressed and patchwork denim and sweatshirt mainly) into an up-to-date and blog worthy style. The jeans average sell up to as much as $2,300, but have gone on sale for $1,400. Don’t fret! There are adorable and affordable dupes available. Many stores such as ASOS Marketplace, Nasty Gal, and Vanguard Vintage sell similar items, for nearly not as much.

Does the idea of overpriced and cut vintage items devalue to item itself?

Some critics say yes. According to the video, Racked says the hype says more about how boring fashion is now, than it does about Vetements itself. But, fashion is forever growing, and changing, yet fashion, just like history, repeats itself.

Vintage clothing is supposed to be a mix of timeless and loved pieces, that are worth much more than a dollar value. While some items may be passed down from your family, others are inherited treasures. Sometimes, you just can’t put a price on vintage.

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