12 Fave Early 2000s Songs Sampled for Tory Lanez Chixtape 4

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While some Hip Hop fanatics and critics argue over if sampling is considered original, or just lazy; Music artist Tory Lanez took the idea and created something genius. In his new Chixtape4 mixtape, the hip hop musician crafted some of our favorite 12 Hip Hop and R&B songs from the early 2000s. Each song, whether slowed up, slowed down,  provided some nostalgia as the R&B tape soothes through the speakers.


The intro plays Cam’Ron’s Hey Ma softly in the background as a woman begins speaking, similar to the intro of Cam’Ron’s music video. From this point, listeners knew they were about to dive deep into some classic Hip Hop and R&B songs.

The mixtape has only one feature (Jacquees) for the sensual song Slow Grind, which is a sample of Pretty Ricky’s Grind With Me. As we get into the first half of the tape, Tory Lanzes also sampled P. Diddy’s I Need a Girl Pt. 2 for Need A Girl, Chingy’s One Call Away for 1 Call.

Halfway through with N**** Skit Pt. 2, we hear Usher’s You Don’t Have to Call in the background, just as faintly as the intro, as two men discuss women they’ve been with.

The second half of the mixtape features Mario’s Just a Friend, for the song Just a Friend (what a coincidence) with a wincing childlike voice singing the chorus in the background. The theme of naming songs after the original name continued through the rest of the tape with Fat Joe’s What’s Luv, for What’s Luv, in which this was the one beat that was kept the most same as the original song. The classic and loveable show The Proud Family’s theme theme song was sampled for the song Proud Family, which was probably the most acclaimed song on the mixtape. We start off with hearing Solange’s vocals before the song is slowed down and Tory begins adlibbing.

We get a chopped and screwed version of R. Kelly’s Ignition for Ignition, as well as Bobby Valentino’s Slow down for Tory’s rendition Slow Down. Differences by Ginuwine was almost (almost) unrecognizable in the beginning if it wasn’t for the chorus coming about. Finally, Tory Lanez ends Chixtapte 4 with an ode to the late, great Aaliyah with a sample of I Don’t Wanna for his song titled Aaliyah.

What was your favorite track on the mixtape? Let us know below!

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