10 Past Beauty Styles Showing up for Thanksgiving Dinner

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Get glam and get beat this holiday season. Recreating vintage makeup looks is easy; just pick a decade, a YouTube guru, and you’re good to go!

Thanksgiving is full of surprises (Including that new dish from your long lost cousin) let’s dive in to 10 ways to add a little vintage your holiday get up.

1950s – Beauty Mark and Bold Lip

Marilyn Monroe was the epitome beauty and fashion of her time. Her signature sultry open mouth pout, bold lip, and adorable beauty mark became a blueprint for beauty then, and now. Stars today, such as socialite Masika Kalysha from Love and Hip Hop sport this look beautifully.


1950s – Bold Brow

During their time, Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn ruled the brow game. Their bushy yet bold brows paved the way for all the tutorials we’re mimicking today. Anastasia Beverly Hills provides the perfect brow kit.


1960s – Defined Eyelashes

The bigger the better was the motto for eye makeup in the 60s. Model Twiggy debuted her famous gaze with spiky lashes. This look influenced women to wear false eyelashes, to recreate such a dramatic look. Today, women are still opting for defined eyelashes to make they eyes stand out and wow a crowd!


1990s – Barely there Nude Lips

Barely there but so seen, nude makeup became one of the many daces of the 90s. Specifically, nude lips became desirable. MAC released a line on September 30, 2016 catering to the late Latina singer Selena, with the perfect hues of nude to embellish the 90s.


1990s – Poppin’ Lip Liner

Today, every makeup star wants bigger and bolder lips. This trend stems for the 1990s lip liner rage. Lip liner gave lips a fuller and rounder look, and pair perfectly with the nude lip. Ask Kylie Jenner, she’s the lip expert. For a beginners tutorial, look here.


1990s – Glitter Eye Shadow

Britney Spears gave us face with her nude lip, lip liner, and now, glitter eyeshadow. Christina Aguilera matched her fly with glitter eyeshadow and a glossy lip. Today, that glitter cut crease must be right, to appreciate the history of glitter eyes.


1990s – Baby Hair

A jar a gel was your best friend the 90s, and you took a brush to have the fine hairs lay in perfect waves on your forehead temples. Chilli from the girl group TLC was notoriously know for rocking her baby hair.


2000s – Braids and Micros

Queen Bey was always a fashion and beauty icon, even in the weird trends of the 2000s. She wore micro braids, that almost every black girl was dying to have after she wore them, and rebuilt the classic look again in 2016 with the release of Lemonade. Along with micros, cornrows, strightbacks, box braids, and goddess braids became popular again in 2016.


2000s – Acrylic Nails

Nothing makes a woman more happy then freshly manicured nails. Acrylic nails gave the devilishly demanding sound of a boss. French manicures were especially popular during the early 2000s, and not girls are going back to the natural look. ‚ÄúVarious gel products and gel polishes were introduced, 3-D nail art, glitter, and Japanese style art are now seen on all types and classes of women. The shape has also gone back to the original almond shape and even to a more dramatic stiletto shaped nail,” says Elizabeth Mitchell for The Fashion Spot.


1500s-Now – Contouring

A face is not complete without highlight all the angles of the face. Makeup cannot be perfectly done without a contoured face. Modern contouring began back in the 1500s, and has progressed to the perfect we know it is today. Take a look at the history of contouring here.


What new looks are you feeding this Thanksgiving? They say beauty comes from within (Yeah, within our beauty bags), but its time to show up, show out and show that turkey who’s boss!


Happy Holidays, Stitchers!

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